Hidden: God Knows Your Story

Hidden: God Knows Your Story John 1:43-51 When we think about the attributes of God.  We come to know him as all knowing. It is amazing to discover that God…read more.

Open: Going Out on a Limb

In last weekend’s message, entitled “OPEN”, Pastor Dave looked at Luke 19: 1-10.  In this passage we took a look at a wealthy man named Zacchaeus, who was a social…read more.

Wealth: Eternal Riches in Christ

In last weekend’s message entitled “Wealth: Eternal Riches in Christ”, Pastor Dave looked at the rich young ruler who came to Jesus with the question, “What must I do to…read more.

Mary, The Mother of Jesus

The message was about Mary and her relationship with her son, Jesus.  Mary’s faith in her son led her to ask of Him what nobody else could do, and Jesus’s…read more.

Power: The Highest Power on Earth

In last weekends message Pastor Dave spoke a message entitled Power: The Highest Force on Earth.  We looked at Luke 8:26-39 to see a demon-possessed man who cam to Jesus seeking…read more.

Selfless – Faith from Afar

A Selfless Faith is giving one’s self to the needs of others; so that an individual can be cared for in the time of need. The Christian faith is based…read more.