Our Vision

A Life of Victory Begins with God

Our Mission

Abide in Christ. Love One Another. Witness to Our World. 

Our Core Values

LOVE  – We love because God first love us. 

  • Making life better by seeking their well-being

TRUST – We trust because every relationship deserves integrity.  

  • Everything moves faster when it’s built on trust. 

HOSPITALITY – We show hospitality because it is our sacred trust. 

  • Welcoming strangers because their lives matter. 

MENTORING – We mentor because that is how we learn. 

  • Learning and Teaching intersect every day through discipleship. 

COMMITMENT – We commit because it builds strong lives. 

  • Loyalty is built by keeping our commitments to God and each other. 

The Victorious Christian Manifesto 

  • A Victorious Christian is a new breed of human… living proof of God’s transforming power!
  • A Victorious Christian believes in the power of God to overcome every addiction, compulsion, and means of shame. 
  • A Victorious Christian builds the endurance to withstand the hardest of times; struggles from with and without will not keep them from their mission. 
  • A Victorious Christian blesses big, trusts freely, and journeys together. They won’t allow doubt to side track them. 
  • A Victorious Christian sees life as a trust, ministry as a calling, and discipleship as a mission. 
  • Victorious Christians are no longer bound, but are free to live and love like Jesus. 
  • Victorious Christians are on a mission to empower the powerless.
  • I am a Victorious Christian and a life of victory begins with God. 

What we Believe


Baptism is your public statement that you’re ALL IN with Jesus. When you stand in the waters of baptism it’s an affirmation before the church that you believe in Jesus and are going all the way in life with God. Baptism services are the perfect time to invite your friends and family to see you take your stand with Jesus. 

  • Click Here to sign up to get baptized – Become “A New Creation in Christ” – 2 Corinthians 5:17

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