Power: The Highest Power on Earth

In last weekends message Pastor Dave spoke a message entitled Power: The Highest Force on Earth.  We looked at Luke 8:26-39 to see a demon-possessed man who cam to Jesus seeking healing.  Use this week’s Life Action Points to help experience the power available to you in Christ.

Monday: Luke 8:27. Do you see your need for Jesus?  The demon-possessed man was desperate and he came to meet Jesus so he could find healing from the demons.  Speak with God about what you need from Him.  Ask for it, knowing that He cares for you and wants what is best.

Tuesday: Luke 8:35. The formally demon-possessed man was healed and sitting at the feet of Jesus.  What are you learning from Jesus?  List the things that are holding you back from God.  What behaviors, beliefs, or people do you need to stop allowing to influence you and replace with truth from God?  What will you do about it?

Wednesday: Luke 8:37.  The people from the nearby city came to see what happened, but most were afraid because of the power Jesus displayed.  They asked Him to leave.  What evidence is there that you are drawn to Jesus and what Him to stay?  Share your findings with another person.

Thursday: Luke 8:38. The man from whom the demons had gone begged Jesus that he might stay with him.  Do you invite Jesus into every area of your life?  The more access you grant Him, the sooner you will be free from the things that entangle you.

Friday: Luke 8:39. The man went into his home city proclaiming all that God had done for him.  When Christ changes you, you’re meant to tell others all about it.  Think of and write down 5 things God has done for you.  Tell another person about it.