Mary, The Mother of Jesus

The message was about Mary and her relationship with her son, Jesus.  Mary’s faith in her son led her to ask of Him what nobody else could do, and Jesus’s love and honor for His mother, led Him to follow through, even though it was not the right time.  She trusted and believed in Him, and He loved and honored her.

Monday: Exodus 20:12 – It really is nice to honor Mom on Mother’s Day.  She really deserves it, and after all it’s one of the Ten Commandments.  But not just on Mother’s day, but every day.   Take time to tell Mom how special she is, and remember that everything you do brings either honor or shame to your parents.

Tuesday: John 2:5 – This is the key verse.  Mom (and Dad’s) this is the best advice you can give to your children.  Like Mary told the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”  You can go wrong with that.

Wednesday: John 2:9 – The miracle of making water into wine was Jesus’s first miracle of many.  Do you know the second miracle?  It’s in John 4.  Jesus healed a child who was miles away.  Jesus can do anything!

Thursday: Proverbs 31 – Moms are not perfect, but they are the perfect choice.  Mom’s, God chose you to be a mom.  It’s a profession worth its honor.  Sometimes I hear stay-at-home moms say they don’t work.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  And if you’re a mom who has a “second” job, that’s even harder.  Today, tell others about your “job” … motherhood.

Friday: John 2:3-2 – Mary was a bit pushy with Jesus at the wedding.  True: it showed her confidence and trust in her son, and it gave him an opportunity to honor her, but mothers often want to take control of their children even when they are grown.  There comes a time when we all must let go and let God.  Sometimes a silent prayer does a lot more than loud commands.  Today, pray for your grown children and watch how God can move their hearts.