Priority: Your Power to Choose Your Destiny

In last weekend’s message entitled “Priority: Your Power to Choose Your Destiny”, Pastor Dave look at a profile of two sisters, Mary and Martha. Use this week’s Life Action Points to help you live out this message.

Luke 10:38-40.Martha was a doer. Mary was a thinker. Reflect on who you more relate to Mary or Martha? What is it that you relate to and why?

Luke 10:39. Jesus broke a cultural rule in welcoming a woman to be his disciple in a culture where that was unacceptable. He was not concerned with pleasing the culture; nor was Mary concerned with bowing down to the culture. Are there any cultural bounds in your life with Christ? What are they? Invite God to go with you in this issue.

Luke 10:40-41. Martha demanded that Jesus help her get what she wanted. but Jesus gently confronted her and helped her rise above her want. Ask the Lord to help you rise above your circumstances to see things from his perspective.

Luke 10:42. Jesus affirmed Mary’s choice to come and sit at his feet to learn from Him. Is your posture one of sitting at the feet of Jesus to learn from him how to live? If not, what is holding you back?

Luke 10:42. Jesus called Mary’s posture, “the good portion”. And said that no one could take it away from her. Are you living out the good portion with Jesus that no one will ever take away from you? If not, align yourself to Christ now. Chose to follow Jesus. And call someone who loves you to let them know.