Selfless – Faith from Afar

A Selfless Faith is giving one’s self to the needs of others; so that an individual can be cared for in the time of need. The Christian faith is based on a dependency and commitment to the authority of Jesus Christ while following his example and commands.

  1. The first step in a selfless faith the Christian understands God has promised to provide all our needs. This comprehension removes all worries allowing the believer to freely serve in God’s army.
  2. The second step in a selfless faith; the Christian must submit to the ultimate authority granted to Jesus Christ. The believer recognizes that following Jesus’ commands to go and make disciples is the working of their faith. ( Matt. 28:18-19)
  3. The third step in a selfless faith; the Christian must be dependent on and committed to Jesus for the strength and ability while serving others; in world where many overlook the needs of the less fortunate.
  4. The fourth step in a selfless faith; the Christian understands they are in a war of a spiritual nature. The outcome has been decided and we are victorious. However the earthly battles rages on. The believer must prepare for the battle by putting on the whole armor of God and take a stand for Jesus.
  5. The fifth step in a selfless faith; the Christian simply needs to look at the actions of Jesus as recorded in the bible. His whole life purpose was an obedient faithful and selfless example of what God has given as a command for all believers to follow. So that the lost may have an opportunity to say yes to the wonderful gift of salvation and live life eternal with God.