The Promised Son: A Life of Promise, A Household of Faith

In last weekend’s message, “A Life of Promise, A Household of Faith,” Pastor Dave showed us how Isaac’s life paralleled his father Abraham.  The promises God made to the father transferred to the son.  And through those promises every family of the earth was blessed with the gift of Christ.  Use this week’s life action points to apply the message to your life.  

LAP #1.  Read Genesis 26:1-6.  Isaac could not control that a famine hit his homeland. But he did have to move on to more fertile land to keep up his work as a farmer.  Notice that he heard from God about where to go, and he followed the Lord.  God speaks through the Holy Spirit, prayer, scripture, another person, and circumstances.  When God speaks, that is your invitation to join in His work.  What is God speaking about in your life?   

LAP #2.  Read Genesis 26:7-11.  When Isaac arrived in the region of Gerar, he met with king Abimilech to ask permission to settle in the land.  When faced with a split second decision of how to introduce his beautiful wife Rebekah he lied and said she was his sister.  Not trusting God to protect him, he lied out of fear.  The next time you doubt God, allow trust to conquer fear, no matter the consequence.  This is the way that faith is built.  

LAP #3.  Read Genesis 26:12-21.  Isaac got back on track and his work flourished.  As his success grew, enemies arose who were jealous of him.  They tried to sabotage his work by filling his water wells with dirt and debris.  Isaac moved to a new place and kept steady in his work and while he trusted in God.  His success continued.  Your trust in God is often shown by the God-sized risks you take.  Is there something you sense God speaking to you about?  What will it take for you to follow God into new territory?    

LAP #4.  Read Genesis 26:22-25.  The Lord met Isaac at Beersheba.  This was after the famine, after the lying, after conflict about wells.  God affirmed that He had been with Isaac and will be with him in the future.  God’s promises endure every circumstance.  Do you need assurance that God is with you?  Start by affirming your commitment to the Lord – to receive Jesus and to follow Him.  Get plugged into your church, find a place to serve, and join a fellowship group.  Take steps of obedience to align your life to God’s plans.  

LAP #5.  Read Genesis 26:26-33.  Isaac received unexpected visitors – Abimilech and his royal advisors.  They recognized that God was with Isaac and they wanted to be on the right side of God’s goodness, so they asked for a treaty with Isaac, just as they had with Abraham.  These leads of a pagan nation saw God at work in Isaac’s life.  When you live in God’s goodness, people will see God in your life.  It will only come as you walk the path of trust in God.  If you need to make a change in your life, today is a good day to start.  Your life can be a place where promises are fulfilled and faith is on the rise.