When You See a Rainbow

God’s progressive plan is to protect, provide, and proclaim his perpetual love for all creation, for the purpose of a permanent relationship.

God set the rainbow in the sky after he destroyed man and the sin that consumed him. The rainbow is a sign to remind us of the covenant of promise God made to us. It is a sign of the promise of an eternal relationship with God.

When we see a rainbow today let it remind us of all that transpired in order to have an eternal relationship with God.

Day 1 -God’s plan is to have an eternal relationship with his creation.

  1. The sin of mankind conflicts with the progressive relationship God longs for with his creation. (Gen. 3:6)
  2. Sin must be destroyed in order for creation to be in a holy relationship with God. (Gen. 6:5-8)

Day 2 -Man’s free will is at the center of how he relates to God.

  1. In the beginning man made a selfish choice, rather than obey God. (Gen. 3:6)
  2. Man’s free will spawned out of control and became consumed with sin. (Gen. 6:5)

Day 3 -Man’s free will left God with no other choice but to preserve the relationship.

  1. God’s plan was to destroy (Gen. 6:7)
  2. God’s plan included a covenant. (Gen. 9:9)

Day 4 -The Covenant is the plan for an eternal relationship with God.

  1. In a covenant God makes an eternal promise. (Gen. 9:16)
  2. The concept of covenant between God and his people is one of the most important theological truths of the Bible. (Gen. 9:15)

Day 5 -God’s definitive covenant is his plan of salvation.

  1. The ultimate or grand covenant is of grace. (Heb. 9:15b)
  2. In covenant relationship God is looking for one faithful (Heb. 9:15a)

When we see a rainbow – let us take heed and know that God is never short of his promise of salvation.