More Than Bricks: Building a Furure for Anaheim

Transforming Lives, Building Futures

Join us in constructing a vibrant hub in West Anaheim – a ministry center that empowers families, impacts communities, and shapes the future for generations to come. Your support creates a lasting legacy of positive change.

A Hub for the Community

More Than Bricks is not just about constructing a church building; it’s a vision for a dynamic ministry center that will be the heartbeat of our community in Anaheim. This 7-day-a-week hub is designed to bring residents together, fostering connection, providing resources, and empowering individuals. Our mission is to be a constant presence that genuinely connects with our community, making Victory synonymous with Anaheim.

A New Opportunity

West Anaheim is evolving, and we need churches that adapt to meet the needs of current and future residents. With 67 years of history, Victory is not just a part of the past; it’s a vital part of our future. This is a fresh start for Victory and everyone who believes in the potential of a bright future. Few get the chance to be part of building a ministry from the ground up, and you are invited to be a pioneer in this exciting journey!

A Church with a Future

Many of you have been a part of our history – as students, teachers, parents, and church members. Today, you have the chance to shape a new future for Victory in West Anaheim. We share a love for our city, one that has become a significant economic and entertainment center. Together, we stand at the threshold of a new day, inviting all who want to contribute to building a future Anaheim filled with faith, hope, and love.

The Value of a Church That Cares

It’s commonly accepted for any organization to be completely consumed with its own interest. But we seek to be a church that is built on seeking the well-being of our community. As the community thrives the church will thrive so that is our aim.

Join the Movement

As we approach the year’s end, we extend an invitation to join the More Than Bricks movement. Your involvement can take three forms:

  • Match the Matching Grant: A generous donor has offered to match up to $30,000 by Dec. 31, 2023. Consider a year end gift to double your impact.
  • Monthly Giving: We have two monthly giving grants totaling $30,000 spread over the first six months of 2024. That’s $5,000 in monthly commitments that need matching.
  • Spread the Word: Share this opportunity with friends or associates who might want to join the movement. Your support, in any form or size, is appreciated.

We anticipate a future filled with faith, hope, and love in Anaheim, and your contribution will play a crucial role in making this vision a reality.

Donations can be mailed to
Victory Anaheim
PO BOX 2307
Anaheim, CA 92814
(714) 220-1166
[email protected]


My name is Dave Lantow and I’ve invested my life to help people come alive to faith in God. I grew up in a church called Victory, located in West Anaheim. I went on to pursue my goals by starting a non-profit and businesses in Northern and Southern California. In 2014 I returned to the area and took on the roll of lead pastor in my home church. The church had seen better days, but the people were hopeful about the future and we decided to move toward a fresh start.   

Victory was planning to build a ministry center in our under served community. West Anaheim is the neighborhood where we’ve had a presence since 1956. We started planning to build the ministry center in 2017, with 2020 being when everything was planned to happen. But 2020 changed everything. The pandemic, supply chains shortages, and inflation combined to sidetrack our plan. The costs soared! It soon became an out of reach project for us. 

Anaheim is the tenth most populous city in California. The city’s economy has strong tourism, manufacturing, construction industries and a growing technology corridor. Anaheim boasts the largest convention center on the West Coast and is home to Disneyland and California Adventure. But that’s not West Anaheim. Our community is underserved, underfunded, and more-densely populated than other parts of the city. West Anaheim may be overlooked, but its where our church is located and we’re here to make a positive difference in this community. 

Victory helps our community with meal distributions to low income families. We routinely serve new refugees in our community. This Christmas we are doing a toy drive for recently arrived children from Ukraine. We are seeing young people in our city come alive to faith in God, as well as people who had never considered themselves religious. We are in West Anaheim to share the hope of the Gospel and to be a light house in our community. We will keep making a difference by doing good in all the ways we can. 

In 2020 we demolished our buildings in preparation to build. But when costs escalated we had to delay construction and rethink our plans. We are currently meeting at a local elementary school, while re-grouping and raising funds so we can build the ministry center. We made some changes to our building plans, scaled it back, lowered the costs, and got a new builder. Now the project is the most do-able its been in three years. It was at this point, we started thinking about asking for help from our community to help build the center. 

We need to secure the dollars to build Victory’s ministry center now before costs escalate any more. The center will be a gathering place for West Anaheim, including an in-door play place, cafe, kids party place, and events center. We plan to be in West Anaheim for the long haul. Will you contribute something now? Will you help build the center? 

One other thing… My life was changed through Victory because I came alive to faith in God when I was a boy in this church and now I get to lead the church. Will you help us move forward? Your dollars are tax-deductible and will help us build the center. We want to make a space where young people in West Anaheim can come alive to faith in Jesus while building a better future. Victory needs your donation today. With your help we can build the ministry center for residents in West Anaheim. Will you make a donation today?